Matzomatch® Terms of Use

Our commitment to new clients begins with sign up and approval, as teams begin collaborating on your matchmaking journey. An initial delay in the process is rare, but sometimes occurs and in no way impacts total match count or intended cadence once we begin. All work performed during this initial ramp-up period is included in your first match cycle and is therefore non-refundable, but there are no additional onboarding fees.

We put careful thought into the selection of your matchmaker. In the event we believe pairing you with a different matchmaker may be more beneficial to your dating goals, we may do so during your experience and will notify you of the change. For whatever reason, if you would like a different matchmaker, you may request a transition to a different matchmaker from our Customer Success team. Our matchmakers connect with clients over video throughout the US without geographic limitations.

During each match cycle, your matchmaker searches profiles in our confidential database to identify potentially suitable candidates, then personally screens them for additional indicators before selecting a match. A candidate may include anyone in our database, client and/or non-client, with the goal of best fit in mind. A date is planned to introduce you to each selected match, and your matchmaker coordinates the details. Contact info, profile details/photos, and identifying info are not shared, per our commitment to the confidentiality of all in our community. Feedback afterward informs your next match cycle(s) and contact info can then be exchanged if both parties agree.

Potential match options within our pool of members and clients are enhanced by a proactive search; however, matches are only ever made with profiled and per-screened candidates. Schedule coordination: We specialize in busy clients, and work to accommodate individual schedules as best we can. Informing your matchmaker in advance of schedule or availability conflicts helps avoid delays, cancellation, and potential disappointment. Should you experience an unexpected conflict and need to cancel a scheduled date, 48-hour notice prevents the forfeiture of that match from your total.

If you’ll be unavailable for 3 or more weeks, you can pause future match cycles without altering your match count by emailing our Customer Success team. You may “pause” up to 3 months at a time during any 3-month period. Your package is marked complete after 3 months if we do not hear from you to either resume your experience or extend your pause.

We don’t often experience collaboration challenges with our clients, and certainly don’t anticipate we will in your case, but we do reserve the right to terminate any client package without refund should problematic availability, match refusals or cancelations, or inappropriate behavior toward our staff or members of our community become an issue.

Your client experience is governed by our Refund Policy. If you have any questions or concerns relative to these guidelines, please email us at

*Last updated March 2021.