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Do you offer refunds?

Your mother called, she says you have to go!

NO REFUNDS, sorry.

What time does the MatzoBall party start?

Unless otherwise specified, doors open at 9 pm. Try to arrive early as MatzoBall parties are very popular and it’s best to avoid long lines.

What age group does the party tailor to?

The MatzoBall on Christmas Eve Tailors to ages groups 21-49. For our Travel Packages we have a variety of trips for different age groups.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Pending sell out, tickets will be available at the door. We recommend you buy tickets online before hand to guarantee admission.

What should I expect?

At the MatzoBall plan to expect FUN! Over the past 30+ years we have mastered the art of bringing Jewish singles together, and no one does it better! Make sure you bring a photo ID, your matching ticket, and your best outfit!

Will there be Food?

Due to health codes of different venues and cities MatzoBall does not offer food for our annual Christmas Eve Event.

How do I get there?

We recommend using public transportation such as Subways, Trains, or Uber or Lyft, if you plan on drinking. Parking will vary per venue, Please be safe!

How Can I get involved?

Thinking about becoming a Brand Ambassador or want sponsor our events? Shoot us an email at info@Matzoball.org!